Welcome to Dictiome!
With Dictiome you can watch how to use and pronounce English words and phrases. Try searching for, say, "virus", or "Aristotle", or "neprilysin" using the search box above. For a given word or phrase, the database provides the list of bookmarked YouTube videos (listed under "Videos"). The phrase of interest should appear in 2 to 3 seconds after you click "play".

What is Dictiome?

The goal of Dictiome is to collect high-quality pronunciations of English words from videos available on YouTube and provide them in a convenient way.

How is the database updated?

Anyone can add pronunciations to Dictiome.

What makes Dictiome different?

Unlike other pronunciation guides, Dictiome presents videos, not audio clips (as such resources typically do). The word of interest comes in some context. Contributors don't have to record any material of their own. Being an online database, Dictiome is continually reviewed and updated.

How can I watch the pronunciation?

Click on the "play" button. The box will expand, and the video should begin automatically 2 seconds before the word of interest is pronounced. Click on the "play" button again to replay the pronunciation.

How many pronunciations are there in the Dictiome database?

Currently, there are 441463 pronunciations.

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